Authorized Agents

Authorised External Recruitment Agents

The external recruitment agents currently authorised by the School are:

Heartlink Communications Pte Ltd
  • 31st January 2024 - 30th January 2025
    Responsible for the Japanese market

Accredite Singapore Pte Ltd (Abiturient Plus)
  • 1st May 2023 - 30th April 2024
    Responsible for the Russian market

Please click here for the list of inactive agents.

Agents and the School

External recruitment agents match students to educational institutions for a fee. Our agents offer a comprehensive portfolio of services.

The School takes care to identify and manage its recruitment agents. As the School's agents are not employees of the School, it is important for us that a clear system is devised for selecting, managing and monitoring our external recruitment agents as our reputation is at stake should an agent underperform.

Management of Agents

The School has maintained its reputation for being honest and open with all its dealings. It is vital to us that agents accurately convey to prospective students and their guardians the corporate values of the institution they represent. Agents are not to engage in any misleading or unethical practices that are detriment to the interests and reputation of the School.

Our agents are trained to represent the school adequately, they must sign a contract and abide by the code of conduct as stipulated by the School.

Training Programme for Agents

The School has a training programme for its agents, which enables them to counsel prospective students effectively. Agents are briefed on their roles and responsibilities and they may clarify any doubts during these sessions.

Agency Contract

The School requires individual agents to sign a contract.

Code of Conduct for Agents

The School has a code of conduct for its agents, which is also applicable to any staff member or person engaged by the School to recruit students on its behalf.