Refund Policy

Refund for Withdrawal due to Non-Delivery of Course

Students are determined to have withdrawn due to non-delivery of course in the following circumstances:

  • The School fails, for any reason, to commence the Course on the Course Commencement Date.
  • The School terminates the Course, for any reason, prior to the Course Commencement Date.
  • The School fails, for any reason, to complete the Course by the Course Completion Date.
  • The School terminates the Course, for any reason, prior to Course Completion Date.
  • The Student Pass application is rejected by Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA).
  • The School has not ensured that the student meets the course entry or matriculation requirement as set by the organisation which is stated in your Student Contract - Schedule A within any stipulated timeline set by CPE.

The School will, as soon as practicable, and in any event no more than seven working days after receiving notice, refund the student the entire amount of all fees paid (except Application Fee).

Refund for Withdrawal due to Other Reasons

If a student withdraws from the course for any other reasons, the student is entitled to a partial refund of course and additional fees that had been paid, depending on the notice period given, as set out in the table below:

If student's written notice of withdrawal is received Refund (% of the amount of fees paid under Schedule B)
More than 30 days before course commencement 75%
14 - 30 days before course commencement 50%
Less than 14 days before course commencement No refund
After course commencement No refund

Refund during Cooling Off Period

Edvantage Institute (Singapore) adopts a 7 working day cooling off period whereby 75% of the amount of the fees paid as stated in the Student Contract Schedules B, will be refunded should a student withdraw during the cooling off period.

Refund under Transfer Within the School

  • Should a student transfer during the cooling off period, the amount as stated in Schedules B of the Student Contract is refundable.
  • Should a student transfer after the cooling off period, refund will be granted accordingly under the stipulated conditions for withdrawal with and without cause.

Non-Refundable Fee

The School does not refund the following fees paid:

  • Application Fees
  • Miscellaneous Fees
  • Course Material Fee
  • Medical Insurance Fee

Course Cancellation

Conditions under which a course may be cancelled:

  • if the number of students is less than 4
  • if acts of God, force majeure, strikes, war, riot and any other causes of such nature
  • The teacher is suddenly hospitalized and a substitute teacher cannot be found

Refund Procedure

Please click here for the refund procedure.