Student Services

List of Comprehensive Services in the School

The list of student support services can be found here.

Facilities and Programmes

  • Study areas - Study areas are available for students at all times for self-study.
  • Library - The School has a library filled with current reading materials and reference resources for students and teachers.
  • Food and beverage -  The School provides a hot and cold water dispenser.
  • Multimedia The School has a collection of DVDs and other multimedia materials.
  • Internet - The School’s wireless internet network is available to students and teachers.
  • Health programmes - The School organises talks on healthy lifestyle. Every last Friday of the month is 'Eat a Fruit Day'.

Academic Assistance to Students

  • Pre-Course counselling Services - Course counsellors provide appropriate guidance and advice on the suitability of the courses available.
  • Peer tutoring - Students struggling in the classroom are paired with students who have a firm grasp of the course content. It is valuable tutoring for one student and opportunities for leadership experiences for the other.

External Examination Registration

The School aids its students in registering for relevant external examinations.

Educational Counselling

Course counsellors help students plan for further education.

Course Advancement

The Director of Studies and teachers are more than willing to advise students on course advancement.

Pastoral Care and Counselling

  • Parent-teacher meetings - A partnership with parents through frequent and ongoing communication.
  • Intervention programme  - Teachers monitor learning behaviours and provide guidance on meeting learning goals and behavioural expectations of students.
  • Reports to parents/guardians - Scheduled reporting on student achievement and behaviour .


The School treats all personal counselling records as confidential documents.