Students are required to sit for two examinations, one midway through the course, and the other towards the end.
The information below on the examination format relates only to examinations for full-time English courses.

All examinations contain both written and oral components. The components of examinations include the following:


Students are to complete a set of writing tasks in the examination.

Grammar and Vocabulary

Students will be tested on the grammar items taught throughout the course.

Reading Comprehension

The examination will include two reading passages to test students' ability to understand what is read. The paper will include questions which require different answering skills.

Listening Comprehension

Students will be tested on  their ability to understand spoken English in the examination. The listening comprehension test could come in several forms, e.g. gap filling or short answer questions.


The oral part of the examination will test students' ability to communicate in English. Students will be asked to take part in a conversation with the examiner.

Rules and Regulations for Examinations

The School views cheating on examinations seriously, and disciplinary action will be taken if a student is found cheating or behaving inappropriately during an examination. Cheating includes:

  • giving any answers that is not your own
  • looking at other students' answers
  • using or possessing unapproved materials during examinations
  • whispering or other behaviours deemed inappropriate by the invigilator

Examination Results

All examination results will be released within 21 days of the last day of the course. Examination results must be collected in person and they will not be released through telephone, fax or e-mail. A student may authorise someone else to collect the results for him with a letter of authorisation.

Appealing Examination Results

The Examination Board will only consider an application based on one or more of the following claims:

  • There were errors in the marks awarded for the examination script.
  • The examination was significantly at variance with the directed course of study.
  • There were circumstances in the conduct of the examination which had a significant adverse effect on a student's performance.
  • Students were seriously misdirected on the format of the examination.
  • There were irregularities in the conduct of the examination.

You can find out more about our appeal process here.

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Students' Performance

Edvantage Institute (Singapore) is committed to ensuring that our students remain employable. Should students and graduates require our student performance data, please email us at admin@eis.edu.sg