Joining a Course

Students enrol in the School's programmes for various reasons. Some students look for places in the public schools, institutions of higher learning, or have career or job related reasons while others may simply want to acquire a basic level of communicative competence in a language. The School's selection process ensures that students are placed in courses that further their learning objectives. The selection process also provides a high degree of certainty that the student has the capability to succeed in the course.


The first step in the selection process is a pre-course counselling session with a course consultant. The course consultant's primary role is to guide students through the  connections between educational means and ends.

At this stage, student will also be informed of the course administrative procedures, including the payment of fees.

Course Admission Requirements

The course consultant will inform a prospective student of any prerequisites for the courses. The admission requirements for every course are listed on the School website under the heading ‘Programmes'.

Course Admission Test

The School's admission requirements require a certain standard of proficiency in English, which varies for different courses. A placement test assesses the prospective student's level of English, ensuring that the student will be able to cope with the linguistic demands of the course.

Verification of Supporting Documents

In conjunction with a  completed application form, copies of documents issued by educational institutions must be submitted. The School will verify the authenticity of these documents by checking the original documents.

Letter of Offer

On acceptance into a course, a Letter of Offer will be given. The Letter of Offer states the course, the amount of fees to be paid and other relevant information.

Student Contract

The Student Contract used by the School conforms to the Student Contract format on the CPE website.

The Student Contract defines many aspects of students' relationship with the school. It states the rights and obligations of the students to the School, and vice versa.

Before any student signs the Student Contract, he must read it carefully and understand its content. The School's course counsellors explains the Student Contract to the student before it is signed. A detailed explanation of the Student Contract can also be found here.

Paying School Fees

School fees can be paid in cash, cheque, telegraphic transfer, internet banking or via Flywire. All cheques should be crossed and made payable to "Edvantage Institute (Singapore) Pte Ltd". For details of the bank account for telegraphic transfers, please contact us. All fees must be paid in Singapore dollars.

Fees should not be paid to a third party and must be paid directly to the School. Fees payable will be in accordance with the terms and conditions specified in the Student Contract with the School.  Payment made for the Application Fee is non-refundable.

Application of Course

To apply for a course, please click here for more information.

Student Handbook

A copy of the student handbook can be found here.